This is a call for medicine men and women who came to this country on a spiritual quest to expand their consciousness and allow them to connect with the service to our world.

We are a family who have received the sacred medicine of the temazcal and our birth energy reading, since 13 years ago, showing us our mission and our medicine. Since then we have been learning from our traditional grandparents the different ways in which our ancestors healed, for 5 years we have shared with other people through workshops and experiences what our grandparents taught us, thus transmitting the knowledge that allows us to move towards autonomy in our physical and emotional health.

ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine

I am very happy to inform you that we will start with a bilingual preparation group for Temazcal Therapists in Oaxaca on July 24, this is recommended for all those who felt the call to be part of this Oaxacan valley for a long or definitive time, because this course lasts 5 months. For those who are just for short time in Mexico, designed a learning experience of 5 days in Rancho El Sagrado.

ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine

Come and get to know your personal medicine, make contact with your ancestry and prepare to serve from your essence, supporting the healing of others.

ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine
ancestral medicine

It is time to share our medicines again as our ancestors did. As our grandfather taught us, eliminating borders in the world. Do not miss this meeting of knowledge, where we will be sharing knowledge inherited from our ancestors and you can meet more people like you who chosen the path of service through healing.

Description of the Days

ancestral medicine

Day 1

Medicine of the Air Element
Cosmic direction: East

Temazcal Sagrado

Day 2

Medicine of the Fire Element
Cosmic direction: West

ancestral medicine

Day 3

Medicine of the Water Element
Cosmic direction: South

ancestral medicine

Day 4

Medicine of the Earth Element
Cosmic direction: North

ancestral medicine

Day 5

Medicine of the Ether Element
Cosmic direction: Sky

ancestral medicine

Day 5

Tonanzin Tlalli
Medicine of our Mother Earth
Cosmic direction: Earth

If this message resonates with you then send us a mesagge to get more information, we will be happy to share this medicine of the Natural Elements with you.

Book your experience in advance and receive a special discount of up to 30%.

Tel. for Info & Bookings: 9511650777



With recognition from the following institutions:


Certificate with S.T.P.S. registration.

⌛️ Duration: 5 modules (35 total hours).

Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

🗓 Dates for 2022:

July 24
August 28th
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th

LOCATIONXoxocotlan, Oaxaca (15 min from the city center)


COST PER CLASS $1800 MXN pesos

Get in contact with us to get a 30% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 

We know that some of you come for a short time and must return to their countries soon, so we designed a learning experience in the mountains of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, an immersion in nature for 5 days to prepare you as a Temazcal Therapist, get in contact with us to know the next dates.




  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Materials

⌛️ Duration: 5 modules 

🗓 Dates for 2022:

August 02 – 06
September 02 – 06

We have a day every MONTH, get in contact to know more.

LOCATION: Rancho El Sagrado


$11,111 MXN pesos

Book 2 weeks in advance to get a

to request a reservation please contact us via WHATSapp or fill out the form below

In Rancho El Sagrado we will treat the information that you provide us with the purpose of sending you information related to your request about our services. The legal basis that legitimizes the treatment is your consent. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation, opposition, portability, or withdraw your consent by sending an email to ranchosagrado@gmail.comcom. You can also request the protection of rights before the Control Authority (AEPD). No data will be transferred to third parties, unless expressly authorized or legally required.

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